Family Travel Night At Home

No matter where life takes you throughout the year, it is essential to allocate time for your family and kids to make memories that will last a lifetime. After a while, doing the same old family activities can get boring, so we are here to put a spin on family night.

Grab your passports and travel the world without leaving your living room. Your living room has the power to change into any country that you and your family want to visit, and the best part is you never have to leave your home. You can make your travel-themed night at home as extravagant or as simple as you like, and you can continue your travel-themed nights all year long.

This article will dive into ways to transform your family night into one where you end the night with new knowledge of cultures worldwide, and you feel like you went on the adventure of a lifetime.

Create fun passports

You can quickly start a tradition by buying a small journal or making one out of scrap paper. Purchase some travel stickers, cut up old maps, and allow your family to decorate the front of their passports. Month after month, you can fill in each new place you “visit” by stamping the ticket as the night begins. What a fun way to have the experience of travel without having to step outside your home.

Try new foods

Have you and your family choose what place they want to visit first and fully dive into the culture by trying new foods from that area. You can even have a taste test to see what foods your family likes best and add the cultural rules for eating from a specific country. For example, in Japan, it is culturally correct to drink soup, and they place high values on table manners.

Play Cultural Games

As you continue your travels, next up on your adventure is adding culturally relevant games to your night. With a simple search, you can find traditional games from all over the world to add to your night of travel. For example, if you are “visiting” China on your night of travel you and your family could partake in Watermelon Chess.

End the Night with A Movie

After you have had a fun-filled night of “travel,” kick back and relax as you wind down with a travel-themed movie. You can choose a film based on the location you are traveling to, or you can choose one where the characters travel all over the world. Great family movies that have world travel ingrained in them are Paddington and The Adventures of Tin Tin.

Travel Themed Family Nights Ideas

It may be hard to come up with your very first theme night on your own, so we came up with some countries you can visit to start your family off strong.
● Australia
○ Food | Grab Tim Tams, Anzac Cookies, or Arnotts Biscuits from World
Market or Amazon
○ Games | Bite the Arnott Biscuit into the shape of Australia
○ Movie | Oddball

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