Luxury Sleepovers &

Spa Parties

We provide luxury sleepovers and spa parties, simply pick a theme and date, and we do the rest. The difference is in the details!

Choose Your Theme

Don’t see your theme? Contact us and we’ll make you one!

Unicorn Party Theme


Unicorn Party Theme


Pink and Glam Party Theme



Level Up


Pink and Glam Party Theme

Gold & Pink

Pink and Glam Party Theme

Pink and Glam

Pink and Glam Party Theme


Under The Sea Party Theme

Under The Sea 

Pink and Glam Party Theme


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Choose A Spa Party

Spa Party

Pamper Your Guests

You will be celebrated as Mom of the year if you add a spa party to your sleepover. Pamper your girls with with the works. Every spa party includes a full spa treatment, foot massage, makeover, and a runway reveal. Spa parties can also be booked seperately to add a little extra to your next party.

Choose Your Swag

Party Favors

The extras always make the party! Do your guests a favor and add those party favors; you won’t regret it!

Glamour Bags Party Favors
Luciana About Us Picture

Sleepovers In Style

As a little girl Luciana loved sleepovers with her friends. Her mother always made them special, by pampering them with all the details. Even though there were good times and bad she always held on to the magic her mother created.

Now that Luciana is a mother she loves to create those magical times for her 2 boys. She realized, in-fact, that creating magical moments for children was her passion and calling. That is why she created Pretty Teepees.


Idea Factory

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It’s sleepover time!

It’s sleepover time!

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