Indoor Campout

Who said that family night had to involve leaving your house? There are so many fun, family-friendly ideas to create memories that will create memories that will last a lifetime. Most kids love to go camping, with the combination of being outside and exploring it’s an excellent adventure for learning and making memories.

Instead of spending hours preparing for a campout by lugging all of the items you need to have a successful campout outdoors you can bring it all inside. By the time you are done loading up the car it is packed full of tents, sleeping bags, food, and more, taking a good amount off time and effort. Although there is nothing quite like a camping trip out in the midst of wilderness, there is so much fun to be had without leaving your home.

We will break down just how exactly you and your family can have a successful family campout at home that your children will remember for years to come.

Bring the Tent Inside

You can simply bring your tent inside and create an indoor campout with all of the comforts of your home. Clear out your living room and set up a tent for your kids to create camping experiences, inside the walls of your home.

Grab sleeping bags, pillows, and more and create a cozy tent where you can tell stories, watch movies, and enjoy the night. This is also a great way to get your children adjusted to tent camping if you want to eventually go camping as a family in the future.

Hang Glow in the Dark Stars

One of the best parts of camping is laying under the stars and remembering just how small you are and how majestic nature is.

Bring the same memorable experience inside by hanging glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Glow in the dark stars are incredibly hard to see during the day, but once you turn off the lights at night your kids will be shocked and surprised. You can even take it one step further and learn about the stars and how they tell the stories of the sky. The best part is that you can “see” the stars without having to try and keep warm outside under blanket upon blanket.

Smores Around a Fireplace

Smores are the sweetest aspect of sitting around a campfire with smoke
bellowing through the air. When you bring your camping experience inside make sure you don’t forget about making smores. Set up a smores bar inside with different types of chocolates to choose from such
as Reeses or Junior Mints. If you don’t want to start your fireplace or you don’t have a fireplace, you can always use your oven or microwave to make delicious smores.

Play Campfire Games

When you are outside in nature away from electronics, you typically have to get creative with what games to play to make your campout one to remember. Just because you bring your campout inside, doesn’t mean you can’t play some fun games to bring the entire night together.
Buy or create a cornhole game that you can bring inside or grab a simple card game such as Uno. All of these games are fun games you can bring inside to bring to your indoor campout. You can even bring out your musical instruments and make music around your fireplace or makeshift campfire.

No matter what you decide to bring to your indoor campout, you can make it a night that your family will love and leaves you the creative ability to add or change aspects and redo the family night throughout the year.

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