It’s Sleepover Time!

There’s nothing quite as exciting for a child, than a sleepover. Giggling, chatting, and bonding with your closest friends and forming memories that last a lifetime. But for parent’s there could be nothing more daunting, at the best of times. It sounds a lot easier to put on the latest Disney movie and make some popcorn, but there is a world of magic for kids to discover, and it’s all at your fingertips.

How do I make a sleepover special?

The planning, organizing and execution of a pajama party that will keep little humans happy and having fun is no easy task. Parent’s minds are abuzz with questions: What party ideas for girls are there? Should we go all out and do some DIY crafty activities to keep them busy? The logistics! The mess! That’s where Pretty Teepees swoops in for the rescue.

We take your usual run-of-the-mill sleepover party and turn it into something spectacular.  And we make it simple. Pick a theme for your bespoke teepee sleepover, and we do the rest. Your imagination is the only limit: from Boho, unicorns and mermaids for the girls, to camo and gaming for the boys, plus everything in between – because we do customized themes for any occasion.

Did someone say Spa Party?

The ultimate spoil for any girl is to be pampered and end it with a twirl on the red carpet. Pretty Teepees has perfected the ideal Spa pamper party for little princesses and budding make-up artists! Our team of professional pamper party planners know just how to make any little girl’s dreams come true, not mention a big gold star for Mom too.

Talk to us! Get in touch to talk about how to turn your special occasion into something magical.

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