Carnival Night Ways to Bring the Circus to Your Home

Everyone loves going to the circus and carnival because there is fun around every single corner. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for games and food that is overly priced, simply bring the carnival to your home.

This article will guide you on fun ways that you can have a family carnival night at home that will be a blast for all ages.Watch A Circus M

Nothing can beat watching The Greatest Showman as a family. The Greatest Showman is a great movie to watch to teach your kids to be themselves and may even inspire them for their carnival performance later. Crank up the soundtrack all day to help your kids learn the songs of the show and you can have a family sing along while you watch.

Play Carnival Games

One of the main reasons your kids love to go to the carnival or circus is for the games, so why not set up your own carnival games at home. There is no need to spend a ton of money setting up carnival games. Just reuse what you have lying around the house or head to the dollar store.

A few ideas for carnival games are:

Water Gun Race

Grab some water guns and set up 4-5 cups, have participants lined up a ways back, and then all at once shoot the cups. The first one to get all of the cups off of the table first wins!

Three-Legged Race

Find some bandanas or extra fabric laying around the house and have a three-legged race. Two people, one bandana, and the two interior legs tied. Have a race to a certain area in your yard and back.

Ring Toss

Gather some pool rings and recycled cans and bottles and set up an area for ring toss. Make sure that everyone gets the same number of rings when they throw and reward tickets for certain points scored.

Have a Live Show

Anytime you go to the carnival, there is typically some type of performance going on, so why not bring that to your at-home carnival night. Grab some face paint and costumes, and have everyone split up into groups. Make a stage out of cardboard or simply use your fireplace as a stage and create a lineup of shows.

From singing to dancing and everything in between, your family will have a blast creating “shows” and performing them on your stage. You can take it one step further by grabbing a play microphone and various costumes from the dollar store to truly bring your entire performance or show to life.

Have Prizes

Kids love to play games for tickets, which they can later exchange for prizes. Heading to the dollar store will provide you with small tickets that you can hand out when you play games as well as various toys you can grab as prizes.

You can choose to display your prizes or bring them out at the end to add another level of excitement to your games.

Eat Carnival Food

Besides the games and prizes, something that you must have at your carnival night is food and lots of it. Anytime you head to the carnival and circus, you are usually greeted with aisles and aisles of fried food in every which way.

Bring the same food home by having funnel cakes and corndogs available. You can also have a popcorn station for your movie where you can have a variety of popcorn toppings to choose from.

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