At Home Family Night | Snow Day

No matter where you live, having a snow day every so often is a magical experience for the entire family. If you live in the more southern areas that don’t get snow days often, or you live in the northern states and simply love snow days, there is no reason you can’t have one at home.

Transform your home into a winter escape and have the kids making memories that they will remember for years by having a snow day at home this year! In this article, we will give you multiple ideas for ways you can bring a snow day to your home.

Serve Snocones

Serving snocones at your family fun night will ensure lots of smiles from your kid’s faces. You can decide to even invest in a small snocone maker that will bring the entire experience to life or jump in the car and head to a snocone shop for drive-thru snocones.

There are plenty of flavors to choose from for your snocones at home, and your children will have a blast creating their very own snocone concoction.

Have a Snowball Fight

No matter where you live, if it’s warm or cold, you can have a snowball fight any time of year. Stores like Bahama Bucks sell snowballs that you can use for your at-home snowball fight. Separate into teams and create a snowball fight version of capture the flag where someone hides a flag, and once you are hit with a snowball, you are out for that round.

You can even order plush snowballs to have a snowball fight time and time again. Set up a line outside, and you can turn it into a game of dodgeball, all with snowballs!

Have Snow Related Snacks

There are so many options when it comes to snow-related snacks. You can create some snow day Chex mix that looks like trail mix that has been sprinkled with snow.

Another option is setting up a cookie or cupcake decorating station where you set out icing and cut out shapes such as snowmen, snowflakes, and sleds. Grab some snowflake-shaped sprinkles to truly transform your cookies into a winter wonderland.

What would make a snow day even better is starting up your fireplace and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while you bundle up for your snow day movie.

Watch a Movie

From Snow Day to Frozen to Happy Feet, there are plenty of options for a family movie to enjoy while you cuddle up for snow day movie night.

Make sure to decorate your room with the snowflakes you create and turn the air down to truly make it feel like a winter wonderland. You can make a fort that resembles an igloo and sit back and relax as you transport yourself into one of the winter landscapes throughout the movie.

Snow Day Crafts

Grab some white wrapping paper and cut out circles to make giant snowmen that your kids can decorate. You can turn it into a contest and break up into teams to create a snowman around a certain theme and then have a judge choose the best one at the end.

Who remembers making endless snowflakes out of white computer paper? The possibilities are endless with all of the different types you can make, and how fun would it be to hang them from your ceiling so you can enjoy your movie under a ceiling of snowflakes.

Take your time to print out instructions for different snowflakes styles or create your own and put out supplies such as markers and crayons for your kids to customize their snowflakes.

Kids love making slime, and you can even opt to make a snow centered slime for your family snow day!

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