Fancy Family Dinner Night

Everyone loves getting dressed up and nice for a night out on the town. Taking the time to get fancy is fun every so often and creates memories that will last for a while.
Nowadays it’s a lot of work to get the entire family dressed up and ready to be on time for a dinner reservation so why not bring the fancy restaurant to you.

There are plenty of ways to create a family dinner night that has you dressing to the nines and talking about it for days afterward. We will narrow down different ideas that you can do to make your fancy family dinner both unique and fun!

Get Dressed Up

Grab your favorite outfit or spend the day taking your children shopping and let them choose an outfit that they feel confident in. You can even take it one step further and have a theme for your fancy dinner night like dressing from a certain decade or dressing as specific celebrities.

Allowing your children to choose their own outfits will give them confidence and truly help them to feel special. You can even turn the entire night into a complete surprise
and have an invitation waiting for them when they wake up, inviting them to a one of a kind dinner at home. There are so many options you have to make this night special for all that are involved and make memories with your kids that you each will cherish.

Take Time To Get Ready

Give you and your family plenty of time to get ready for the night and set up some pampering before your night at home. You can make your night as special as you want with time to get ready before your fancy dinner.

You can set up a pampering station where each family member can come to get ready with curling irons, special perfume or cologne, and drinks while they prepare for a night of celebration. Since you won’t have to be rushing to make a dinner reservation, you can spend quality time getting everyone ready without feeling stressed.

Set the Table

What is a nice dinner without having the table set up with nice plates and a beautiful tablecloth? Take the time to set the table as a family or have your kids create special personalized placemats for the night with construction paper.

If you are planning to bring a certain theme into your family dinner night, you can show it off on your table by adding simple decorations and designs. For example, if you are having an Italian-themed dinner you can have multiple kinds of cheese to choose from to top the dish. Don’t worry about spending a lot of money, search your house for decorations you can use, or even head to the local dollar tree for a night at home that doesn’t break the bank.

Have a Fancy Dinner

The possibilities are endless for your family dinner night and you can change it up throughout the year to keep family nights fun and engaging.

You can choose to order from your favorite restaurant one night then the next time you can decide to cook together as a family. You can even take it one step further and decide to have a competition where everyone cooks one course and serves it as if they are the chef at a nice restaurant.

Print menus by creating them online and write out some conversation questions to have a night where conversations with your family are flowing. You and your family can even choose to have a taste test themed dinner and grab local restaurants best dishes and try them out one at a time. As you try the different dishes, you can rate and rank them to decide which one is your favorite.

Family Dinners are a great way to create memories without having to leave your home and are easy to change up throughout the year.

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